head phones with HGSE and Hip hopHip Hop Lives at HGSE!


Welcome to the first site dedicated to documenting past and current initiates that celebrate and elevate the powerful intersection of Hip Hop and education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education!!

Hip Hop has been jumping into the mix of programming at HGSE for years. Often times programming and initiatives have been student-led. Throughout the years students have brought their experience with Hip Hop to HGSE, organizing community dialogue events, workshops, and conferences.  

Yet given the fast-paced academic calendar and the turnaround of students during a nine-month master's program, there has yet to be documentation of past and current programming about Hip Hop education.  

This site is one step in an effort to publicize what's been popping and percolating on Appian Way regarding innovative discussions, projects, and curriculum at the intersection of Hip Hop and teaching and learning.