A Lab EXperience to EXplore and EXperiment with Hip Hop Arts in Education

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HipHopEX (HHEX) is an experimental lab launching in the 2018-19 academic year at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where graduate and local high school students can experience, explore, and experiment with the varied roles and possibilities for Hip Hop arts in educational settings.




Inspired by various Hip Hop arts and educational practices, HHEX is a space for participants to:

  • co-create artistic outputs
  • collaboratively explore new instructional ideas, and
  • incorporate student voice into curriculum design


  • What does an experiential investigation of Hip Hop arts and culture contribute to rethinking teaching and learning for educators and students in both in and out-of-school settings?

  • What does collaboration between high school and graduate students look like when co-creating artistic outputs and educational materials inspired by Hip Hop? What does this collaboration reveal about possibilities to transform power dynamics between students and teachers?